Wednesday, September 3, 2008


aka Orientation Week at Ryerson.

I had a fun time attending some of the events at our Orientation last week. They blocked off the streets to have DJ's, breakdance performances, sumo suit wrestling, human chess, tons of food and drinks like Vitamin water! There were movies in the Quad (our grassy area in the middle of campus) and lot's of games, fiesta lunches and scavenger hunts.

So that was the Guinness World Record for largest sword fight. We all had to leave the Quad and then walk through those turn table things so we could be counted. We had to have 480 people to beat the record, and we made it! MTV and Much Music and random news people and photographers were there. Check out this link someone sent me, I'm at the end. I picked the worst day to wear a hat and no makeup. I look like a man, but here it is:

So this was my group at the Fiesta Lunch. Sam, Claudia and I went at lunch time so we got thrown in like a random engineering group. We felt kind of awkward being the only white people... am I in Edgemont again?

Anyway, so orientation week was cool. This week still has tons of events. My school is cool in the way that is so accepting of everyone... we have SO many groups people can join. There is a Muslim group, Campus for Christ which invites all religions to become closer to God, different Asian groups, Gay Pride groups, Urban Hip Hop Union, Cheerleading, Leadership, Community Service and Volunteer groups, a Real Estate group and lot's more. There have just been tons of events going on... but yeah all in all it's been fun! This Friday everyone skips classes (I don't have class!) to parade down to the Toronto Islands where there is a big festival and Supreme Soul from America's Best Dance Crew will be there and a surprise singer or something. AND I got some tickets to the Toronto International Film Festival! I'm SO pumped. I'm going to a screening of Passchendaele which was shot in Calgary and I know 2 people in it! Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Rachel McAdams, Dakota Fanning, Kiera Knightly, P. Diddy and lot's more celebs are on the hit list to be here! So expect some celeb stocker blogging in the next couple of weeks!!


kandicejill said...

Celebrity stalking is my favorite past time! ... pass time? ...past time? I never know what it actually is! Sooo that festival looks SO cool. I wish they did cool stuff like that in the burg! And i love that there's a gay pride organization. Haha. PLEASE JOIN IT! hahahaha so funny. Okay maybe don't. But sounds like you're having a wicked fun time in T-dot. I wanna meet Sam! And congrats on contributing to a world record! Can i have your autograph?

Lana Dawn said...

i keep forgettting you are updating your blog these days.. dont' ask my why i can't seem to remember it. But seriously Ryerson looks like SO much fun! i want to come visit you out there.. who knew that there were places that had such good orientations for school .

i miss you though!

Emily said...

looks fun! i just read all the posts i have missed, but i'm only commenting here. :) you are awesome nicole! that's all there is to it! keep having fun and work hard! i hope you meet brad pitt :)

KandyJill said...